U will not believe Iphone1 Auction price . Story posting Feature will be added in Telegram. Apple becoming 3Trillions Company .Big Congratulation!! Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg will be the highest usage of travel cost in 2022.

Tik Tok is Creating Youth Council for Teenage User

Announcement of the Youth Council Forum, in which youth from all over the world can participate 2 weeks ago TikTok has introduced a privacy setting to remove items you don’t want to see in subsequent For You streams. Similarly, it was announced that you can filter teen content through the Family Sharing settings to avoid viewing pornographic videos. What…

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With the latest global updates, Viber has once again proven itself to be a more complete application

Rakuten Viber, the world’s leading provider of fully secure messaging and calling services, has announced that it has recently upgraded its Viber application with two new high-performance features. As for Rakuten Viber, with these 2 advanced functions, namely Business Inbox and Commercial Account, it further proves the superapp’s long-term vision to build Viber into the most complete application. According…

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How do you know that you can earn money playing games with KOGs Quest?

If you say that you can make money from online games, many people will run to betting and online casinos. In fact, these are only superficial ways to earn money while playing games. People here are still not aware of games called Play To Earn and NFT Games where you can earn money by playing yourself. Collect NFTs from…

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