Google Enhances Search Generative Experience in India for Visual, Localized Results

Google introduced its Search Generative Experience (SGE) in India in August, an AI-powered feature that brings AI-generated responses and summaries to user queries on its popular search engine. This generative AI search aimed to provide more effective and engaging results with in-depth overviews. Now, Google is elevating its AI search tool in India by making it more visual and localized, improving the search experience for Indian users. These updates were unveiled during the Google for India 2023 event held on Thursday.

In its blog highlighting new product experiences shared during the event, Google outlined the enhancements coming to its AI search in India. Google is introducing new features to the SGE that will make AI-generated information previews more user-friendly and informative. SGE will become richer and more visual, incorporating additional images and videos into its overviews.

For example, when users search for something like “what are the various ways to drape a saree?” they will now receive a more visual and user-friendly AI-powered overview, complete with images and videos showcasing various saree draping styles.

Generative AI search is also taking on a more localized approach, offering users location-specific responses. SGE will enable users to discover what a city has to offer and explore local activities. Additionally, it will now include user reviews of places to provide more informative results.

Google is also streamlining access to information about government schemes. In the upcoming weeks, SGE will assist Indian users in easily navigating and accessing vital information about over 100 government schemes related to healthcare, housing, employment, women’s welfare, farming, and more. All the content on SGE will be available in both Hindi and English.

Moreover, Google is expanding the capabilities of Google Lens, allowing users to visually search for skin conditions similar to what they observe on their skin. With Google Lens, users can capture a photo of their skin condition and receive visual matches that provide information about it.

The company is also introducing new Google Pay services catering to both merchants and consumers. Google Pay is collaborating with ePayLater to offer a credit line for merchants and is launching sachet loans, starting as low as Rs. 15,000, in partnership with DMI Finance. On the consumer side, Axis Bank will make its personal loans available on Google Pay, with more banks expected to follow. Users can now access credit lines from banks on UPI for payments through Google Pay, similar to a UPI payment.

Google is also enhancing the shopping experience on its platform, making it easier to find products and expanding opportunities for small businesses. When users search for queries like “Best phone under Rs. 15,000” on Google Search, they will now see a more visually appealing product feed with filters, helping shoppers quickly and easily find the products they desire.

With these enhancements, Google aims to provide a more engaging and informative search experience for Indian users, combining AI technology with a localized touch.